Star Trek The Next Generation Portfolio Prints Series 2 Sealed Archive Box TNG

Star Trek The Next Generation Portfolio Prints Series 2 Sealed Archive Box TNG

Star Trek The Next Generation Portfolio Prints Series 2 Sealed Archive Box TNG

One factory sealed Archive Box of this release that includes ALL of the following. 9 Card Ships of the Line Insert Set. 40 Card TNG Comics Insert Set. 10 Random TNG Archive Cuts Comic Insert Cards. 25 Random TNG Gold Parallel Base Cards.

10 Random TNG Juan Ortiz Hand-Signed Parallel Base Cards. 2 Random Hand-Drawn and Colored Sketch Cards. 9 Card TNG Universe Character Art Insert Set. Q Archive Box Exclusive Metal Card. All 39 Pack Inserted Autographed Cards, including ALL of the following.

Patrick Stewart (Silver) as Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Extremely Limited). Michael Dorn (Silver) as Lt. Gates McFadden (Silver) as Dr. Denise Crosby (Silver) as Tasha Yar (Extremely Limited).

Madchen Amick as Teenage Anya (Extremely Limited). Commander Dexter Remmick (Extremely Limited). Mick Fleetwood as Antedean Dignitary (Very Limited).

Jennifer Nash as Meribor (Very Limited). Glenn Morshower as Orton (Very Limited). Leonard John Crofoot as Lal (Very Limited).

James Sloyan as Alidar Jarok (Very Limited). Erich Anderson as Commander Keiran MacDuff (Very Limited). Peter Parros as Klingon Tactical Officer (Very Limited). Diedrich Bader as Tactical Officer (Limited).

Lycia Naff as Ensign Sonya Gomez (Limited). Wayne Grace as Torak (Limited). Spencer Garrett as Simon Tarses (Limited). Samantha Eggar as Marie Picard (Limited). Stephanie Beacham as Regina Bartholemew (Limited). Patricia Tallman as Kiros (Limited). Pamela Winslow as Ensign McKnight (Limited). Doug Wert as Jack Crusher (Limited). Brian Brophy as Commander Bruce Maddox (Limited). Lanai Chapman as Ensign Sariel Rager (Limited). Michael Champion as Boratus (Limited). Marcus Nash as Ensign Jean-Luc Picard (Limited). Kerrie Keane as Alexana Devos (Limited). Mitchell Ryan as Kyle Riker (Limited). Marnie Mosiman as Harmony (Limited). Ned Vaughn as Cortan Zweller. Robert Costanzo as Slade Bender.

Gina Ravera as Ensign Tyler. Scott Trost as Ensign Shipley.

Tzi Ma as Biomolecular Physiologist. Michael Aron as Jack London.

2 Card Case Topper Set. Dual Autograph Card signed by Brent Spiner and Denise Crosby (6-Card Dealer Incentive Card). All base and insert cards are EVEN NUMBERED in Series 2. The ODD numbered cards were released in Series 1. Purchasing more than one item?

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Star Trek The Next Generation Portfolio Prints Series 2 Sealed Archive Box TNG